Ensuring the Marines "Train Like They Fight"

CTI upgrades and maintains all of the US Marine Corps EA-6B ICAP-III flight simulators at Cherry Point MCAS. CTI ensures that the 2F185, 2F188, and 15E43 training devices stay current with the latest aircraft configuration and operate using the latest technology. From the integration of modern visual systems and image generators, to the development and modification of advanced electronic warfare, Link-16, satellite communications (SATCOM), and tactical environment simulations to upgrading the instructor’s stations, device hardware, and aircraft flight and navigation models, CTI and its government and military partners ensure the ICAP-III training devices are current and operational.


Advanced EW Knowledge for Training, Development, and Test

CTI has developed a number of medium and high fidelity EW simulations in support of the EA-6B ICAP-III training devices, the CESAS trainer, Modular Commando Solo, and the Manned Flight Simulator (MFS) F-18 device. CTI has developed simulations for the ALQ-99, USQ-113, ALQ-218, USQ-146, ALR-67, AGM-88 HARM Seeker and a variety of other weapon systems.

All of these simulations interact with High Level Architecture (HLA) based tactical environment simulations, utilize physics-based models, and communicate with actual aircraft avionics Рthe same as the real weapon system. These models can be used in support of training and simulation or in support of laboratory and field testing of interfacing avionics equipment.

All of these simulations utilize a common core architecture and are easily modified to support other EW systems and capabilities.


Ensuring Maintainers are Fully Prepared

CTI has been supporting the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps with upgrades for the 11H163 Maintenance Training Unit (MTU) for the EA-6B ICAP-III aircraft. These upgrades include: aircraft block upgrades, deficiency corrections, and increases in general functionality. CTI’s work on the MTU helps ensure that Navy and Marine maintenance personnel are fully capable of maintaining the EA-6B ICAP-III aircraft. The 11H163 training device is housed at NAS Whidbey Island.